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How do we keep day-to-day account activities organized?

Whether you have a large or small relationship with a client, keeping day-to-day activities organized is so important.

In addition to weekly internal meetings to check in with the team, master trackers can benefit everyone so that all of the activities and progress of each one are listed in one spot.

Since every client is different, there are many ways you can organize the master tracker. Here are some items that can be included to help your team stay on the same page:

  • Status report tracker: The first sheet in the master tracker can be used to track all activities, notes, deadlines and task owners.
  • Awards calendar: Upcoming award opportunities along with deadlines and your client’s history of submission.
  • Speaking opportunities calendar: Upcoming speaking opportunities along with deadlines and your client’s history of submission.
  • Editorial calendar: Editorial calendar opportunities that are relevant to the client can be tracked here along with outreach dates and deadlines.
  • Trade media playbook: Different than the general pitch list, this includes more detailed notes about each publication and contact that everyone on the team should be aware of.
  • General pitch list: List the contacts that you regularly pitch with contact information.
  • Media coverage tracker: All of the clients media coverage can be tracked here.
  • Calendars for blog posts or bylines (if executed regularly)
  • Pitch calendar: Timeline of future pitches if planned out in advance.
  • Competitor events: Keeping competitor events on the teams radar is important for pitching or distributing announcements.
  • Other media lists (Ex: Business media)

Example template:https://ideagrove.egnyte.com/dl/JFGh6Chx2t