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Is Idea Grove a lead generation firm?

We help companies build their brands and grow their businesses over the long term.

While Idea Grove does generate leads for our clients, we do not specialize in lead generation. Our focus is on building brands and growing businesses over the long term.

Idea Grove generates market awareness and brand trust that improves the number and quality of our clients' leads over time. Often, new leads come organically based on our efforts, but they are typically not our primary objective.

Idea Grove builds brand equity for our clients that has long-term impact on the effectiveness of their marketing funnel—namely, by reducing friction in the buying process over time. The illustration below, from Branding Strategy Insider, describes the impact of brand trust on the funnel.

awareness funnel

For those clients seeking immediate lead generation, we work with agency partners, including WebMechanix. They specialize in generating MQLs and SQLs for clients like ours, and we have teamed with them on multiple engagements. WebMechanix, in turn, often seeks our help with technology clients in need of brand strategy, content marketing and PR. Those are our specialties.

We also work with appointment-setting firms and other partners for our clients that prefer a fully integrated digital marketing experience.

Given that Idea Grove works with many supply-chain management companies, we might also frame our role in terms of transportation and logistics: We are not a "last-mile delivery" company for revenue growth.

Instead, we help our clients create the environment of trust that makes lead generation successful. Because without trust, nothing else matters.

Idea Grove is neither a traditional PR firm nor a short-term lead generation firm. We go deeper to help our clients better understand their customers, build awareness and develop relationships of trust across every marketing touchpoint.

To put it another way, Idea Grove is a trust generation agency.