What are 25 ways to tighten my writing?

Betsy Mikel provides these useful tips via PR Daily

Your writing is a work in progress. It can always be improved, and the more you work on it, the better—for you and for your audience.

This PR Daily story by Betsy Mikel lays out some timeless tips for writers. Read the full story for the details but at a high level, here's Betsy's advice:

1. Cut long sentences in two
2. Ax the adverbs (a.k.a. -ly words)
3. Stick to one voice
4. Remove extra punctuation
5. Replace negative with positive
6. Replace stuffy words with simple ones
7. Remove redundancies
8. Reduce prepositions
9. Cut "in order to"
10. Don't use "start to"
11. Nix "that"
12. Replace "thing" with a better word
13. Try really hard to spot instances of "very" and "really"
14. Make your verbs stronger
15. Ditch the passive voice
16. Refer to people as "who" not "that"
17. Avoid "currently"
18. Eliminate "there is" or "there are" at the beginning of sentences
19. Match up your bullet points
20. Use contractions
21. Steer clear of the -ing trap
22. Check your commas with that and which
23. Replace "over" with "more than" for numbers
24. Hyphenate modifiers
25. Identify your tells

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