What are the components of Idea Grove's reputation management (ORM) solution?

There's a right way and a wrong way to do online reputation management. This is the right way.

Within the Grow With TRUST system, online reputation management (ORM) is arguably the most critical component—because what’s the point in working so hard to build your brand only to risk losing it all in an instant? 

The three key pillars of reputation management are as follows:

  • Proactive reputation strategy. Establish a positive presence in the news media, social media and review sites—then consider making it stronger with social purpose.

  • Crisis preparation strategy. Start by tackling your current operational issues. Then, anticipate future issues before they occur.

  • Monitoring and response strategy. People won’t wait long for a reply to their complaint. Respond with urgency, humility and tact. 

Pursuing a Grow With TRUST program without strong reputation management is like setting off on a cross-country car ride without fastening your seatbelt. You might make it, but it’s not worth the risk.