Website On-Page SEO Checklist

What are the things every website page or post should contain?

Follow this checklist to ensure you've optimized your content for your intended keywords.

  1. Start with a keyword you have researched and identified
  2. Aim for a minimum of 600 words for the body of your content
  3. Make sure your first header is an H1 tag that includes your keyword
  4. Use your keyword in your URL
  5. Use Short URLs
    Short URLs tend to outrank longer ones
  6. Include your keywords and modifiers of them in your title tag
  7. Use your keyword once in the first 150 words
  8. Optimize your images
    This includes their file size and alt text
  9. Do not keyword stuff your page
    Instead of repeating the same keyword or phrase over and over again, use synonyms 
  10. Link to external resources
  11. Link to internal resources

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