Why does Idea Grove recommend HubSpot users publish and host their sites on HubSpot COS?

HubSpot COS is part of unified marketing system enabling sales and marketing organizations to integrate and simplify their growth efforts unlike ever before.

We recommend HubSpot COS to virtually all our HubSpot clients. The COS started out years ago as HubSpot's version of WordPress, but over time it has grown to add capabilities uniquely suited to the evolving and expanding needs of HubSpot users.

Here are a few of the things we like about it:

HubSpot COS unifies your publishing tools. You can log in and edit your homepage, publish a new blog post, A/B test a landing page, schedule a marketing email or social post, and see analytics showing you how your content is performing. It simplifies your marketing stack.

HubSpot COS also offers unique features for marketers such as Smart Content. Smart Content allows you to personalize content and CTAs on your site based on what you know about a contact; this improves the user experience and can drive higher conversion rates.

HubSpot also automatically includes lots of cool features like SSL, Google AMP support, mobile responsiveness and more. A super-fast CDN is also included with no setup required.

COS is also arguably more secure than WordPress for the same reason Macs were far more secure than PCs for many years. Macs represented a much smaller share of the global market and were a closed platform compared to PCs, which allowed them to fly under the radar with hackers and crooks. The same is true for COS relative to WordPress.

There are downsides to any CMS, but we've found that with HubSpot COS, what are considered drawbacks are really more about personal preference. If you prefer to host your site on your own services, for example, COS is not for you. If you want the cost benefits that come from the thousands of available WordPress themes and the much larger number of WordPress developers, COS may also not be for you.

There are, however, a rapidly growing number of web development shops that specialize in HubSpot COS sites. It is far easier to find quality COS developers, for example, than developers for Joomla or most other CMSs. It's another benefit of COS being part of the larger HubSpot ecosystem.