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Should my B2B tech company prioritize Comparably?

What is Comparably, and should it be a priority for B2B tech companies?

What is Comparably? It’s a Glassdoor competitor founded in 2016 that seems to be gaining momentum lately by publishing rankings and data analysis. They get fairly decent media coverage in higher-tier outlets, but it tends to be more focused on the ranking of tech/business giants and trends in employee reviews (“Younger workers are less likely to believe they are paid fairly,” “The 5 Worst Leadership Qualities: How Many Does Your Boss Have?” etc.)

In general, it’s good to have a regular cadence of reviews on these types of sites as in most cases they factor into prospective employee decisions. If getting ranked is a priority, a B2B tech company would need to make a concerted effort to encourage submissions from employees as they're driven purely by employee reviews, while making sure that employee communication is handled tactfully to avoid negative backlash from a strong push for reviews.