Is there a template I can use for developing a press release?

This press release template is a good starting point for a tech company product announcement.

Press Release Template

Tech Company Does Something That Is Newsworthy

This subhead is the “so what, who cares” part that supports the headline news and should state business outcomes such as lower cost, improves performance, propels growth, etc.

LOCATION – Date – The lede should be no more than two sentences, with the first focusing on what the Tech Company is announcing and who it impacts (target audience). The second sentence mirrors the subhead and explains the supporting statement “now that we know Tech Company is announcing something, why should we care?”

This paragraph is one or two sentences of additional detail on what Tech Company is announcing. It can include a transition into the next part of the news release, if there are multiple news items.

Here you can provide the executive quote to establish something that starts to tie the whole narrative together for the reader. A caveat: If the executive quote is weak, do not bother putting it this far up. There is no rule that says we can’t bury the quote to make room for more impactful content.

“This sentence should articulate the business/customer challenge that is being solved by Tech Company’s big news,” said SME Name, title, Company Name. “This sentence is your opportunity to explain how Tech Company’s news will help solve the customer pain point just identified in sentence one. It is the place to insert Tech Company’s key umbrella message for the entire announcement.”

New Tech Company’s Widget Lowers Cost, Simplifies IT for SMB Customers

In this section you can go into further detail about Tech Company’s news. A good way to summarize product/solution news is to bullet the features and benefits:

  • The easiest way to consume this as a reader is if it is written first to introduce the feature by name and then quickly explain what it does and why it benefits the customer.
  • For example: a unique search algorithm allows users to find relevant jobs more quickly.

More details/facts to support the news

Analyst or customer quote

Put pricing information here if it’s product related news

You can also place any strategic messages here, to tie the overall announcement together.

About Tech Company

The boilerplate consists of three to four sentences summarizing what Tech Company does; it’s offerings, services and what makes them unique from their competitors. It can also include a call-to-action directing the readers back to their website. For example: For more information on Tech Company, visit:

Here's the press release template as a Google Doc.