How do I submit an invoice for my freelance work?

Freelancers should follow this procedure to invoice Idea Grove for services rendered.

  • You must complete, sign and return IRS Form W9 before Idea Grove can initiate any payments. (For non-US citizens, please request an alternate declaration form.)
  • Project-based work must have a purchase order (PO) number to be paid.
  • Describe each item delivered on a separate line item. Each line item should include:
    • client name
    • deliverable type and title
    • date delivered 
    • account manager
    • PO number*

* Always include the purchase order (PO) number. The PO number will be provided by your Idea Grove account manager for each project. Invoices cannot be processed without a PO number. 

For example:

Client_name byline for "Media_outlet_name “Title of article goes here” - (delivered month/day/year), account_manager_name., PO #1234  

  • Include our address

Idea Grove

16000 North Dallas Pkwy, Suite 200 

Dallas, TX 75248

  • Include your business address and phone number
  • Email invoices as a PDF attachment to the Idea Grove account manager for whom you performed the work and copy, so they can approve and forward it to be processed. The PO number must be included on the invoice for it to be processed and paid.
  • Invoices are processed on Thursdays and must be received no later than EOD Monday to make it into the processing run.
  • Where possible, they are electronically paid via 
    • NOTE: We do not accept invoices sent via We use to facilitate electronic payment to you. 
  • After you submit your first invoice, you will receive an invite from Bill Dot Com. This is the service we use to pay vendors. You will be able to set up your banking information, in which case you will receive a direct deposit payment overnight. Or you can elect to receive checks, which will go through the normal USPS mailed check process.
    • We pay invoices weekly on Thursdays. Invoices paid that week but be submitted no later than 12pm CT the prior Monday.