How do I craft an intro pitch?

Found a new reporter that could be a perfect fit for your client? Here are a few tips for crafting an introductory pitch.

It can be difficult to get a reporter’s attention without hard-hitting news. However, introducing your client to new reporters is critical to keeping your media list fresh and updated. Reporters change beats all the time, so it’s up to the PR pros to keep track of what they are covering.

Before crafting your intro pitch, consider the following questions:

  • Why is the client relevant to the reporter and their media coverage?
  • Why should they be aware of your client or cover their news?
  • Do you have a company spokesperson to offer?
  • How is that spokesperson’s role or background interesting and why should the reporter care?
  • What broader topics is the reporter interested in?
  • Is there a reason you are reaching out at this time? Or is it a simple introduction because you found this reporter and thought that you should reach out?

After thinking through these questions, you can begin drafting your intro pitch. See below for a few tips and examples:

  • Customize your intro.
  • Make the pitch conversational.
  • Ask the reporter what they are most interested in covering.
  • Include a call to action.


Hi ____,

Customized intro referencing what they cover or if you saw a relevant topic they covered and thought it was interesting. Make this conversational, you are talking to a human!

In this next paragraph, intro your client and tie it to why you are reaching out.

Give a little more info on why your client is relevant, some recent accomplishments or announcements, etc.

Last, include your call to action and offer up the spokesperson for a discussion. If they are local, you could even offer up an in-person meeting (getting coffee or visiting your client’s office to meet with the team).