What is included in Idea Grove's Free HubSpot Onboarding for Sales Pro?

Our free onboarding package for new Sales Pro customers provides training and technical advice for setting up HubSpot, plus actionable guidance to help you simplify and scale your sales and marketing practices.

The free onboarding package includes five one-hour sessions with one of our HubSpot experts. We recommend limiting the attendance by your team to a small group, usually the team who will become your HubSpot admins or owners. This allows for more focused and personalized training that ensures your HubSpot admins will be able to lead your full team to success.

Sales Hub Onboarding

Session 1: Getting Started

We'll start out by showing you the fundamentals of HubSpot and how all its tools work together. We'll provide you with guidance on:

  • How to connect your personal email inbox
  • Setting up your profile and settings
  • Inviting your team members
  • Installing the HubSpot tracking code onto your website
  • Setting up your deal currencies
  • Setting up external system integrations

Session 2: Prospects and Teams

Now that you have your fundamentals set up, we'll talk through how you will begin communicating through HubSpot with both your prospects and your team members. We'll provide you with guidance on:

  • Creating custom properties for your data
  • Importing your contacts, companies, deals, and notes
  • Setting up live chat on your webpages
  • Learning how to use conversations
  • Connecting your email and calendar so you can use the meetings tool for easy booking
  • How to send and schedule emails through the CRM

Session 3: Deal Pipeline and Automation

In this session, we'll discuss your current and ideal sales process, the territories and/or regions your team covers, the stages of your pipeline, and the daily tasks completed by your sales reps. We'll provide guidance on:

  • Creating deal stages and automation to your pipeline
  • Customizing deal pipelines to fit your sales process
  • Adding tasks for your sales reps
  • Automating how leads go from one stage to the next
  • Setting up workflows to extend to other areas of HubSpot and to other tools 

Session 4: Personalizing Your Outreach

With the foundational understanding of how to store your data effectively and keep track of activities, the next step is making sure your communications are personalized for your prospects. In this session, we'll cover:

  • Adding videos to CRM emails
  • Creating sequence queues to automatically follow up with prospects to save your team from doing manual work whenever possible
  • Using personalization tokens in emails
  • Removing back-and-forth communication when setting up emails by using the meetings tool
  • Setting up quotes for your deals
  • Set up your product library to include all the items you sell

Session 5: Open Q&A and Next Steps

The final onboarding session is an open forum to answer any questions your team has. We'll focus on determining what your next goals will be after onboarding. You will be transitioned to a HubSpot customer success owner who will be there to ensure you're thriving in HubSpot. If you require more hands-on strategic or technical consulting help after onboarding, we offer HubSpot consulting services through project and retainers.