What is included in Idea Grove's Free HubSpot Onboarding for Marketing Pro?

Our free onboarding package for new Marketing Pro customers provides training and technical advice for setting up HubSpot, plus actionable guidance to help you simplify and scale your and marketing practices.

The free onboarding package includes five one-hour sessions with one of our HubSpot experts. We recommend limiting the attendance by your team to a small group, usually the team who will become your HubSpot admins or owners. This allows for more focused and personalized training that ensures your HubSpot admins will be able to lead your full team to success.

Marketing Hub Onboarding

Session 1: Getting Started

We'll start out by showing you the fundamentals of HubSpot and how all its tools work together. We'll provide you with guidance on:

  • Setting up your profile and settings
  • Inviting your team members
  • Connecting your subdomains and configuring email sending domain settings
  • Installing the HubSpot tracking code onto your website
  • Import your contacts, companies, deals, tickets and notes
  • Configure email types
  • Connect social accounts
  • Consider integrations

Session 2: Capture and Convert Leads

We'll provide you with guidance on:

  • Viewing, filtering, and segmenting contacts.
  • Explore forms and pop-up forms.
  • Creating custom properties that will help you qualify leads when filling out forms.
  • Setting up lead scoring.
  • Defining each Lifecycle Stage based on your own qualifications.

Session 3: Engage and Nurture Your Leads

We'll provide guidance on:

  • Define lifecycle stages and ensure contacts go through different nurturing tracks depending on their stage.
  • Creating and sending emails.
  • Creating landing pages using templates and themes.
  • Creating and publishing blog content.
  • Utilizing smart content and run A/B tests.

Session 4: Automate and Personalize Your Marketing

We'll provide guidance on:

  • Using the workflow builder.
  • How to build nurturing campaigns.
  • Discuss manual tasks that could be automated in HubSpot.

Session 5: Open Q&A and Next Steps

The final onboarding session is an open forum to answer any questions your team has. We'll focus on determining what your next goals will be after onboarding. You will be transitioned to a HubSpot customer success owner who will be there to ensure you're thriving in HubSpot. If you require more hands-on strategic or technical consulting help after onboarding, we offer HubSpot consulting services through project and retainers.