What is the "Way to Grove!" program?

"Way to Grove!" is Idea Grove's rewards and recognition program to show appreciation in large and small ways for our team members every day.

It can be argued that the foundation of any great company is a satisfied and loyal staff. At Idea Grove, we subscribe to this philosophy and believe in recognizing positive contributions on multiple levels, from formal to informal, individual to team, manager to peer, and verbal to monetary. Idea Grove’s rewards and recognition program, called Way to Grove!, ultimately benefits the individual, company and our clients. Our approach is designed to inspire regular feedback, professional development, a stronger office culture and a focus on driving results for our clients. See below for the methods we use to recognize our team:

  1. The Way to Grove! wall provides peers and managers alike with a spot to jot down quick notes about a person’s or team’s recent win. Prominently located in the office kitchen, the wall is designed to boost morale by succinctly recognizing individuals or teams in a timely fashion. Since we wipe the wall clean from time to time, we also capture these achievements for all of eternity in the monthly Idea Grove newsletter.
  2. Our team communicates all day every day through Slack, so the #WaytoGrove Slack channel is a visible and effective way for peers and managers to recognize individuals’ or teams’ accomplishments in slightly more detail than the wall allows. Slack recognition is meant to be specific, immediate and tied to Idea Grove’s core values of creativity, respect, energy, accountability, teamwork and empathy – and it’s not a coincidence that the first letters of these values are CREATE.
  3. On a quarterly basis, the team submits nominations for the Way to Grove! Awards. This form of recognition can come from peers or managers and is designed to more formally recognize Grovers for going above and beyond. Entries can be for an individual or team and must include specific results. The entire office votes on one individual and one team winner each quarter. Winners receive a tangible reward, usually a gift card.
  4. We have a talented, driven team and occasionally recognize achievements through results-based Way to Grove! spot rewards. At any given time, leadership may reward an employee for going above and beyond, usually as it relates to company growth or strengthening a client relationship. This form of recognition is a tangible reward given privately at the discretion of leadership. Potential rewards may include financial rewards, experiences, trainings or gifts.
  5. Our most formal method of rewarding the team is related to employee and company performance and is given in the form of annual raises and end-of-year bonuses. During annual reviews, managers will assess employees’ overall growth, accomplishments and contributions to the agency, which may lead to a salary increase. Likewise, if the agency has met end-of-year revenue and profitability goals, employees may receive a bonus.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated non-merit-based recognition into our operations. Idea Grove recognizes and shows support for employees at specific personal and professional milestones, including the first day on the job, birthdays, anniversaries and promotions.