What questions do we ask when onboarding a social media client?

Below are key questions to address with clients when kicking off a new social media engagement.

  • What is your social primarily for (it can be a combo)? Ex: sharing company culture, trying to build brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, lead generation and conversions.
  • What do you use each of your social channels for? Ex: Facebook = connecting with employees, Twitter = networking, brand awareness and lead generation and LinkedIn = recruiting, networking and connecting with current partners.
  • Which social platform is the most important to you and why? FYI, this does not have to be based on your best performing platform.
  • Which social platform is the least important to you and why did you create it?
  • Do you have a library of image and video assets we can utilize for content creation? If not, Idea Grove can help supplement content by sourcing stock photography on your behalf.
  • Who are some of your top competitors in your category and what are their social handles?
  • Who are some aspirational brands that you admire? What are their social handles?
  • What does your internal content approval process look like and how much lead time do you need to review and provide either edits or approval?
  • If your brand were a celebrity, who would they sound like?
  • What are some things should we avoid when creating your content? Certain words? Grammatical styling? Tone?
  • Who is currently engaging with your content (please specify by channel, if possible)? Employees? Clients? Prospects? 
  • Who would you like to engage with your content?
  • Have you ever had challenges with social media before? If so, what are they? Ex: high volume of complaints, no internal alignment on messaging, confusion regarding best practices, not sure what to post, etc.