How do I stay organized when pitching conferences or events?

When your client is attending a conference and wants to book media/analyst interviews, it is crucial for your team to stay organized during the pitching process.

Your team will need to conduct media research, media outreach and schedule interviews with executives. A good rule of thumb is to begin pitching at least a month and a half out, so that you don't risk reporter schedules filling up, leaving available slots for your client. Below is a template to keep your team organized:


Items to monitor in your conference tracker:

  • Media lists
    • Keep track of all the media you are pitching and who is in charge of pitching each reporter if there are multiple team members involved in outreach.
  • Analyst lists
    • If you are tracking down analysts to speak with your client, keep them separate from the media list so there is no confusion.
  • Press lists from conferences
    • Sometimes conferences will send a list of press who have registered. Compare this list to your current media list to fill in the gaps.
  • Responses from media
    • Keep track of all responses for two reasons: 1) So that your team members can understand how outreach is going and everyone is able to provide updates to the client when needed, 2) If you pitch this conference again next year, you will have background knowledge to personalize your pitches.
  • Interviews to schedule (when and where)
    • Use this sheet as a way to pull the important information from your massive spreadsheet with all the notes. Only pull reporters who are interested in scheduling an interview.

Once all of the interviews are scheduled, take your tracker a step further and create a tab for interviews at the show. You can share this tab with the client, as well as a conference guide that includes backgrounder information about each interview. This tracker is helpful when your client is also booking customer meetings at their booth or have other time constraints based on conference activity and booth demos.